How often should I go for my dental check up?

Dentists recommend going for a dental check up, every 6 months. At each visit, you will be checked for any new cavity that has started forming. Old restorations and replacements like crowns or dentures will be examined to make sure they are intact and/or functioning properly. Your oral hygiene will also be scrutinized. The dentist checks for any calculus build up that can be cleaned professionally.

For children, the recommended time to start visiting the dentist, is as early as when they get their first tooth. If you are scheduled for any surgery, it is advisable to get a dental check up done before the surgery. Certain procedures/treatments are not performed on patients who are recuperating, unless it is an emergency. If you are planning a trip away from home, you might want to get your teeth checked. It can help prevent a problem in the new city.

Those with special needs, diabetic patients and those expecting or nursing children should visit their dentist often since they are more susceptible to dental problems. Those who have received dental treatment should not miss their follow-up visits. They help to identify, prevent and resolve any problem that can cause failure of the treatment.

Reasons why you shouldn’t miss your regular dental check up?

  • Many times, signs of underlying medical conditions can be observed first in the mouth. The earlier any condition is diagnosed, the better the prognosis of the treatment.
  • Tooth decay identified at the initial stages can be arrested using smaller preventive fillings. If left untreated, they won’t be noticed until you end up with a toothache or a large cavity in your tooth, calling for more extensive treatment. Your dentist will also be able to advise you of measures that can help prevent future dental problems or of measures to keep any minor ones under control.
  • Gum problems can be treated before their structure gets affected, unleashing other problems.
  • Any detrimental habits can be identified and stopped before too much damage is done to the teeth.

“Prevention is better than cure” is the old adage that holds true for your dental health as well.

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