Toothpicks. They often come free at restaurants, on flights. So no one really gives much thought to how beneficial they are. Oh yeah, they can remove the most annoying piece of meat stuck in between your teeth. But how effective is it for the long run.

As comforting as their use maybe, toothpicks are not indicated for long term usage. In fact, all overzealous toothpick-users will have tell-tale signs of injury caused by inserting toothpicks into the region between teeth. It can cause ulcers too if you prick yourself in the wrong spot or push too hard. A groove or notch can often be seen where people habitually bite into toothpicks.

Food getting stuck between teeth is a common problem, more for those who have gaps in between teeth. And.. a piece of food left behind overnight can lead to the inflammation of the gums, causing a nagging pain at times. Food left behind can also lead to plaque accumulation and calculus formation on the teeth. It is essential to keep the area free of plaque. But toothpicks are not the solution. So what can you use to clean all those hard-to-reach areas? Floss.

Floss is the ideal tool for cleaning in between teeth. For those who have teeth close together with no gap in between, the regular floss will clean sufficiently. But for those with gaps in between teeth  you could either use a thicker variety of floss (superfloss) or interdental brushes. For those with crowns on their teeth or other forms of dental work, check with your dentist on how to clean the area in between the crown and adjacent tooth with floss. If you have a missing tooth get it replaced so that there isn’t any gap in between.

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  1. For many it becomes a habit of doing it after dinner. Not so sure its about really getting things clean. Seems like usually is older people that use them.

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