Basic Oral Care is created and designed to help you maintain good dental hygiene and health. You will find healthy tips, answers to common myths and the right way to a tooth-full future.

Ever since I signed up for dentistry, I realized most people do not have a clue on what to do when it comes to dental hygiene and health. In fact the only thing some people seem to notice about their teeth is its color. And they are quite happy to go on like that all their lives, until they get a toothache or some problem that won’t go away unless they visit a dentist.

At BasicOralCare.com, we try to address the everyday issues you could face while caring for your teeth. One thing we are sure of is, teeth well cared for will last a life-time. And the opposite holds true too. So for all of you who haven’t started yet… it is better late than never.

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So, here’s to good teeth!

Dr. Jinu Ashish, B.D.S.

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