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5 myths about oral care that you may have taken seriously

You must have heard the joke about brushing meticulously just before going to the dentist.  It ain’t gonna help improve your oral hygiene nor your standing with the dentist. It is a daily process (yes, boring I know), and the earlier you incorporate it into your lifestyle, the better the results will be. Here are 5 myths about oral care and hygiene:

  1. Brushing using more force or for longer periods results in cleaner teeth. This is not true. It is the technique of brushing that is important. The right technique ensures removal of plaque without excessive abrasion of the enamel on your teeth. Brushes that get worn out in a month indicate you are applying too much pressure on your teeth while brushing.
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How do I know if I have got my wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth, as it’s popularly known, is the last of the three molar teeth (or the grinders at the back) that an adult has in each quadrant of their mouths. Unlike the other teeth, which have already taken their places in the mouth by the beginning of adolescence, the third molar only erupts after the age of 17. A person is generally at a certain level of maturity by the time he gets his third molars, and that’s how the term ‘wisdom’ teeth got coined. Some patients mistakenly believe that this tooth is directly linked with their levels of wisdom and do not permit their dentist to remove them, even in case of an infection. This is a myth and if you have an infection, you need to get treatment at the earliest to keep it from spreading to the surrounding areas.

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How to recognize cancer in the mouth?

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. 13% of all deaths in 2008 was attributed to cancer. Oral cancer takes a considerable amount of lives every year. In  the United States alone, around 37,000 people are diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer every year. This year, it would have taken the lives of at least 8,000 people. That means, there is someone dying of oral cancer every hour. (Source: WHO)

The problem only grows bigger across the world, with at least 640,000 new cases found every year. In India, the number of oral cancer cases are on the rise. According to a study done in February 2011, India has 86% of the world’s oral cancer cases. Most of the credit goes to our ‘chewing tobacco’ habits.

Oral cancer is also, generally, discovered late in its development, which is quite ironic because you think you would discover the cancer early. Late discoveries are to blame for the high death rates due to oral cancer. (Source: Link)

With the rising number of people being diagnosed with cancers, the fear associated with it also increases. So how do you recognize cancerous tissues?

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How often should I go for my dental check up?

Dentists recommend going for a dental check up, every 6 months. At each visit, you will be checked for any new cavity that has started forming. Old restorations and replacements like crowns or dentures will be examined to make sure they are intact and/or functioning properly. Your oral hygiene will also be scrutinized. The dentist checks for any calculus build up that can be cleaned professionally.

For children, the recommended time to start visiting the dentist, is as early as when they get their first tooth. If you are scheduled for any surgery, it is advisable to get a dental check up done before the surgery. Certain procedures/treatments are not performed on patients who are recuperating, unless it is an emergency. If you are planning a trip away from home, you might want to get your teeth checked. It can help prevent a problem in the new city.

Those with special needs, diabetic patients and those expecting or nursing children should visit their dentist often since they are more susceptible to dental problems. Those who have received dental treatment should not miss their follow-up visits. They help to identify, prevent and resolve any problem that can cause failure of the treatment.

Reasons why you shouldn’t miss your regular dental check up?

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