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Grinding teeth: Stop taking it out on your teeth

Grinding teeth is an involuntary habit that involves excessive clenching, to the point where teeth begin to show signs of damage. Grinding teeth, or bruxism as it is known, is a quite common problem that you may not be aware of, simply because it may be happening when you are sleeping. Mostly, you never notice until someone else actually overhears you grinding your teeth. It can occur due to a couple of reasons, including:

  • Stressful lifestyles. Most people clench their fists when stressed out or angry. But some clench the jaw muscles, unknowingly grinding their teeth.
  • Weird habits like biting on the end of a pencil or excessive chewing of gum can cause damage. Some people mimic rhythm instruments by clicking teeth. Such habits would have originated during childhood or adolescence. It becomes second nature over a period of time and teeth grinding continues, even without the gum or pencil.
  • Nervousness can also cause grinding of the teeth in some cases.

So how do you recognize bruxism? The tooth, being chewed on excessively, will be worn out.
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